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dbag aomine strikes again ft. autocorrect

gom friendly reunion

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//i changed a few details lol//

it is the end of the Izuking

Akashin is having none of his shit

Submitted by dawn-is-gone

The Punny Saga 

"Welcome to Smooth Marriage Proposal 101, my name is Aomine Daiki and I’ll be your instructor this semester"

Submitted by hellagaysportsmen


Part 2 (x)

aomine regretted it, but fortunately for him, the second option wasn’t available

autocorrect strikes again

that’s what you get for leaving your phones unattended with a dbag around

hc: imayoshi can drive

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He’s got some traumas, okay. Stop judging. You don’t know him. You don’t know his story.

Submitted by hellagaysportsmen

aokaga bromance ft. autocorrect fails

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Aomine cannot be left unattended

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