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he woke up to his team singing happy birthday and yelled at them. a thing of friendship. the drama is intense. killme

plot twist: everybody loves aomine, they just like to mess with him

and then there’s kise


happy bday, ahomine~

There's actually two more chapters left, I think. It was confirmed that it would end in issue 40 which comes out September 1st. I think the one that is going to be out on Friday is the second to last.

Thanks, dear, that means we have some time to prepare, then.

I’m happy

The raws in case someone’s interested


aka: living in denial 

i think everyone knew that himuro would appear

Kagami is done with the harassment and Himuro isn’t happy about people trying to get a piece of his baby brother

himuro the killer, more himuro jokes, come at me

Aomomo ft. autocorrect compilation

And Kise as the bro

it’s still fluff right? I mean…some bits are?

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6

Aokise ft. suggestive autocorrect fails

Healthy threats are the best shit and it totally fits them, fight me.

[1] [2]

au in which everyone is trippin’ during that match, and Himuro was the one who drugged them

yes, more himuro jokes, i’m still not done with them, fight me

ps.: make sure you check this video

and this one too

i’m done


I try, dear. Sometimes I try too hard, I think.

He’s not fooling anyone

hint: that’s himuro making a bad zone pun